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my milkshake doesn't bring all the boys to the yard [entries|friends|calendar]

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BABY RUTH?? [23 Dec 2006|10:26pm]
walked for an hour on which is usually a 15 minute walk. rain turned to ice as soon as it hit the ground, and after spending 2 hours in a restaurant, the ground turned to a (sometimes quite bumpy) skating rink. i knew we were in trouble, because when we were leaving the restaurant, a stranger asked me for my hand so she could get up the one step to the door. so i had to hold onto a pole so that i wouldn't slip off too.

that is a parking lot. a completely ice-coated wonderland hell. and that's not snow, it's HAIL. that's what we walked on for an hour. even the grass was totally slippery. i'm telling you with no exaggeration... EVERYTHING was coated in thick ice. we had to climb up slanted sidewalks by leaping up to a pole and falling on our asses a lot. hurt my arm when i fell crossing a street, which i thought was bad (at the time)...

wanting to document the last 10 feet, amelia videotaped me sliding down the last small hill before our destination. walking down was dangerous, so on hills we would let ourselves glide down. after many falls, we found this MUCH safter until this time:

YEP. you just saw my face BOUNCE off of the ground.

(right after)

(after washing my face and icing. swollen and cut-up)

(one day later. even more swollen and devilish-scabbing??)

my cheek is huge. it hurts to move my face. the inside of my mouth is numb. my eye and forhead keep hurting. AND I LOOK LIKE SLOTH. but if i had landed with my face tilted just a little bit more down, i would have broken that bone under my eye. or just a tiny bit more up and i probably would have broken my jaw. i'm lucky i landed right on my cheek.

is it totally sick that my family and i keep watching the video and laughing really hard anyways?
don't answer that. i already know...
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[12 Dec 2006|04:49pm]
oh yeah, i forgot about this lovely conversation joe and i had with the US border guy when i came home.

Border Guy: Where were you?
Joe: Toronto. I was picking her up at the train station.
Border Guy To Me: "you took a train to Toronto???"
Me: what?? well..yeah i took a train from school
Border Guy: where do you go to school?
Me: University Laval
Border Guy: wheres THAT?
Me: in Quebec
Border Guy: ..is that in Canada?
Me: .......................................... yes.
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[03 Dec 2006|10:42pm]
somebody told me i should be a lawyer because i'm pretty.



december 17th needs to be today. amelia comes that day. we are going to spend a week promenading through vieux quebec, and one week later will be joined by my lovely mother, brother, and boyfriend.

in lovely news, christmas is here. it has been snowing for the past 3 days and its beautiful outside. last night i made peppermint hot chocolate and watched While You Were Sleeping.
it's love.

tonight i went to my aunt's house for dinner and i ate like a mad woman. this is what happens when you eat almost nothing but boxed food for 3 months. any time i've gotten my hands on a home cooked meal, ive gone nuts. spaghetti with homemade sauce, ceasar salad, and SUGAR PIE. ohh lord.

and we watched LoftStory.
my favorite: Jean-Philippe


i'm not good at cleaning. i clean in sections, always starting with the floor. then when i move onto another part, i move all the things in that area onto the floor "for now" and then it stays there and my room remains messy. i need to actually do a whole room clean. at least there arent spots from ovaltine and spilled tea anymore. im disgusting.
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[01 Dec 2006|07:55pm]
should i stay or should i go?

i don't know what i fucking want to do...
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[30 Nov 2006|06:51pm]

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[18 Nov 2006|02:39am]
this year i'm missing out on this..

but as consulation i'm getting this..

i am going to miss how comforting and familiar my house is at christmas time... but i have a new experience waiting.... shopping downtown, hanging out in the city. i'm not going to let the fact that i really miss home get me down because the city is the most beautiful thing ever in december.

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[21 Oct 2006|01:13am]

= mine :)


dear sabres,
please win against the canadians on monday. i have a running grudge with a certain boy from montreal, and i'd like to once again be able to give him shit.
thanks. keep up the streak.
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my lovely temporary home. [04 Oct 2006|04:12pm]
picturesCollapse )
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[21 Sep 2006|11:28pm]
the girl in the room next to me has sex to really loud indian music every single night and shrieks all day and night long, sometimes until 4am. just shrieks. i think i hear her singing along with the music, laughing, moaning, and humping all at the same time. i'm turning my tv volume up.

this other girl down the hall from me has a sign on her door that just says "saskachewan" and everytime i walk by her door i hear her singing along very loudly to james blunt and other awful music. i have never seen her face. i don't think she leaves her room.

out of all the people i've met, the nicest and friendliest have been while smoking outside. the people in my program are lame. they don't live on campus and they all go home right after class. what? there was an activity i really wanted to do tomorrow -an autumn walk through mt. sainte anne. they didn't tell us there were only 40 spots and now it's full.

i had been walking to this mall pretty close to me kinda often. the closest grocery store and convenient store. also, the best poutine place. but all the stores were way too expensive. i just found out that if i had walked about 100 more feet, i would have found the 2nd biggest shopping center in canada??!!

one of the cable channel packages you can sign up for is CNN, YToons, and Playboy...?? what variety.

today was a beautiful fall day.
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[07 Sep 2006|10:23pm]

it's coming
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[05 Sep 2006|02:38pm]
who buys a wallet with no freaking change pocket a week before going to school in Canada??


here is my humble roommm:

i have a sink? but not a toilet.
and here there's no meal plan, but there's a HUUUGEEE kitchen with ovens and stoves and everyone gets their own big square locker to put pans and spices and whatnot. i like it. it makes you feel more like you're on your own than being at summer camp.

HUGE school. people from all over. finland, middle east, russia, mexico, germany, peru, phillipines, etc.

that's all i'm going to say.

this middle eastern guy next to me was making an omlette with.... i think hermit crab legs.

tonight i say goodbye to my mother and hello to early morning classes.

i have to walk to the other end of campus for the 79th time today.

44 internet explorer windows just opened up and then all closed at the same time.
-uhhhmmmmmgguuhh time to walk across campus for the 890245th time today.
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[30 Jul 2006|02:53am]
so red meat is...... disgusting?
pork too.

i think i'm done.

i have 2 weeks left here. WHERE HAS ALL THIS TIME GONE?!
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[18 Jul 2006|01:02pm]
so remember that time that i told a customer that the soup of the day was "Gestapo"?
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[07 Jul 2006|12:05pm]
livejournal is lame. but fuck you, i want to remember this f'eva!

this past weekend was amazing. we went camping in cape hatteras. l;ajsfdl;ksajdfl.

sun, beach, run and tequilla, sweet generous neighbors, talking to cool strangers until 4:30 am, and a quite overwhelming guy-to-girl ratio in favor of the girls :)
the people in the lot across the street made us shishkabob and we did beer bongs with them at 8:30am.

the last night there jack and i were on the beach and we saw this dalmation so we went up to pet it and it was these dudes. we talked to them for a while and they were cool as shit. we found out they were in the lot diagonal from us and they had almost stopped over but didn;t. they invited us to their campsite and we sat around their bonfire and had a good time. jack peaced out but i stayed- i wanted to stay up and go watch the sunrise on the beach and at almost 5am i quit.

nick and danny left sunday night because they had to be back at base and origionally we were going to go to georgetown for the 4th of july but they invited us to the naval base which is on virginia beach which is on the way home. we got a tour of the huggeeee ship- it was pretty badass.

i have never ever been an "omg men in uniform" type of girl. but shitttt. something about the tour and... blagalgal. it was just.. great. neither of them are hardcore navy or anything... haha, im weirdddd.
really kick ass dudes. i think i collectively spent 5 minutes not laughing this whole weekend. i met the strongest and shortest dude of all time. one of nick and dannys navy friends who came with us to watch the fireworks. he was 5'6 and he picked me up and was TOSSING ME AROUND IN THE AIR. k, im not the lighest person of all time. he was tossing me around like i was nothing, and i didnt even feel him straining.

tuesday night we all got a cheap ass hotel room with ONE bed. hahaha. navy boys left at like 3 because they had to work at 5. jack, nicole and i left around 11, got home at 330, took showers and went to work. we were drainedddd.

all in all this weekend was filled with lots of sun (and sunburn), relaxing on the beach, music, meeting sweet people, flirting, drinking, getting picked on hardcore by nick, FANNYPANTS, bar-b-ques, laughing, kissing, the beach at midnight, kicking ass at skategories, good talks, mosquitoes, and one of the best times i've ever had. i'm sad we're home. hopefully we'll go back to virginia beach and visit for longer than a few hours.


except my camra broke. but i managed to take a few pictures before that happened. so wha-evaaaa!
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[16 Jun 2006|01:17pm]
the richest man in Texas told me I was precious.

last night was ridiculous. virginia is ridiculous.
this summer is really going to be wild- camping at the beach in one monthhhh!

last night i probably made eighty bucks. in five hours.

amelia's graduation was fun. she looks so beautifull :)

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[10 Jun 2006|03:41pm]
my friend at work, D, tells me yesterday....

d: "i didn't want to say anything yesterday because i didn't want you to freak out..."

me: "what? what?!"

d: "this... older gentleman........ offered me 300 dollars to get a date with you."

me: "ahhh!!! shut up you're lying!!"

d: "i swear. he said... 'i'm looking for a girl.. 5'2, blond with blue eyes". then you walked by and he said "mmm... she'll do"



D promised he wouldn't let anything happen to his ghetto boo, even if it was our opportunity to get off the streets.
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[04 Jun 2006|12:25pm]
i don't have much time for internet but i need to record this night.

so you know those clubs in movies... the ones with numerous floors and rooms. crazy lighting, different music in the different rooms, and people on drugs everywhere. hot guys and girls dancing on tables and speakers and absolutely packed with people. yeah um, those actually exist.

unlike anything i've ever experienced.

friday night. it was in south-east DC, which is the most dangerous part of the chocolate city with the marshmellow center. joe almost got shot because he flicked a guy off on the thru-way. right as we were getting off the exit (their car was in front of ours) and the guy almost hit the dividing wall to take the exit. he pulled next to joe and screamed out his window. then he opened his fucking door and i was scareddddd. whatevs.

crystal method played. there was this drum and bass room where all the kids on e was. i was offered an assortment of drugs.

i communicated with deaf kids even though i don't know sign language. we used lip-reading, spelling on me because i suck at lip reading, and hand motions.

this place was unreal. i had one shot that i barely buzzed from, but when i was on the floor dancing, i felt like i was high as a kite. i just closed my eyes and felt the music and the lights and danced and it was amazing. almost everyone bounced early except for a few of us who stayed until almost 4. alksjdf;lajf090234uk,sd. amazing.

so later this month they're having a big blow-out and they're not going to ID and it's going to be ridiculous.

they took pictures and we're on the website :)

the girl on the far right is my soul mate. we both want to gauge our ears to no bigger than a 2, we both have our rooks pierced... she would say something and i would say "meee too!!" and the other way around. it was crazyy.

my job is awesome. only me and one other dude who i never work with don't speak spanish. my coworkers are sweet and at the end of every shift the cooks make dinner and we all sit and eat together. it's so laid back. they don't care if i keep my piercings in which is sweet. HEY i got new earingssss. this guy gauged my ears again and gave me cute little plug things, and i got a new rook barbel because the ring moves to much and it hurts, and THEY MATCH. they're like blue-silvery-- real cute. and he gave me more than half off of everything. sweet deal.

i love this place
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[25 May 2006|09:20pm]
it's not my fault that you have to drive an hour and a half to find clothes that fit. this is my town. so don't act like you're 14 and swoosh by next to me when there is 897052 sq. feet in the store.

the chick working at Torrid was pretty rude to me. just because i'm not plus size, doesn't give you the right to not respect me. jesus, all i wanted was a pair of shoes. it's not like i went upto a huge dress and asked "uhhh do you have this in a smaller size?!".


hey it's my turn to try this:
soo i guess i thought my good friends felt close enough to me to actually confront something to me and not blow up the tiniest thing ever
hehe vague.

all i wanted was to leave on a good note and that isn't being done. all i'm trying to do is see all the people i care about most before i leave.

last night was super fun. i saw 809234 different people and it was really great. i bought the most adorable jacket and shoes of all time, the sabres game was ridiculous, and the ride back was real fun. hung out at zack's, COLINS HAIR WTF, and we watched really sweet videos.
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[24 May 2006|03:59am]
last night = awkward coincidance. ...weird.

today was nothing short of ridiculous. amelia and i had to drive to st.catharine's to get our social insurance numbers. too bad i didn't know what exactly we were getting until the man at border patrol asked me. then i attempted to drive away but forgot to put my car in drive first. he laughed, i blushed and laughed and drove away.

then we get lost because i suck at directions. i go into a gas station and ask the attendant for directions, who happened to be friggin ADORABLE. he started to tell me where to go and i said "OH i should write this down, i get lost and forget things easily". he smiled... and said "okay, you go up coleman and make a left onto niagara". i write it down. "....and then church street is the first right". i thought it would be longer... hahaha. apparently, being dumb is a giveaway that you're american because he asked where i was from when i was writing down the 2 simple turns i had to make. haha. lakjdf;klajdfksfs.


i immediately get lost, and i turned onto the wrong street. no big deal, just turn around right? yeah, no. then i go almost all the way down the road and amelia says "no, its the other way!" so we have to pass the gas station for the 2nd time. he was still outside. i pray he doesn't see me. then we go alll the way up the road and it ends, so it WAS the other way. and we had to drive by the same gas station AGAIN while he was still outside.

we got our shit done. ate some delicious poutine, got really lost again, and finally got home.

so i lost 7 lbs.
and i'm upset.
i didn't know that eating poutine = gaining 2.5 lbs.
hello stomach ache + green tea.

when my mom watches hockey, she yells at the players when they hit each other. "ayyy whoa. stop that! play nice!". obviously, we have the badass gene.
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[21 May 2006|02:13pm]
last night was "free bacon night" at Century Grill; they were offering "free baskets of bacon" (as opposed to getting bread or chips or something). so Taylor, Linda, Dan, Janessa, Ed, and I went in hopes of ordering something to split and stuffing ourselves with bacon. we ordered wings and then found out that you get one free basket of cold bacon. psh. After the wings we ended up deciding that we were all going to do hot sauce shots- except it wasn't just hot sauce.. it was hot sauce and butter and chicken wing grease. the waitress brought us little cups and we did it. sick. then everyone but janessa and i did another shot of the butter-hot-sauce. then the waitress brought straight hot sauce and there was another round. then ed ate 2 cups of blue cheese. and then the waitress saw him eat blue cheese and her face was terrified and she snuck us more bacon that was colder than the last basket.


we get back to the apartment and we're all feeling sick, but taylor and ed are the worst. they were laying on the floor next to a bucket. then taylor and linda sprayed pam on their tongues. it's not even the worst part yet-----

just to be clear:

taylor said "someone pick something really gross out of the fridge for me to eat"
mind you, she is still hovering over the bucket. so i took the liberty of finding said item

raspberry wasabi dipping mustard

puke. pukepukepuke.

oh yeah. and ed was the only person not sober.

i have a mystery to solve.

--potluck dinner tonight at colin's--
*carmel-chocolate-gooey-bars baglaglalgalaaa

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